My experiences lambing Dorper sheep in the winters of Alberta, Canada

Born and raised the son of an Alberta cowboy, my early experiences birthing livestock in the snow usually meant digging some half frozen, newborn calf out of a patch of buck brush drifted over with wet spring snow all the while whipping your lariat in the face of a rather hostile, red eyed mamma cow. Please read more on Farmer’s Stories….

Goedemoed Dorper Stud

Goedemoed Dorper Stud was started in 2006. The stud gets its name from the Van Zyl family farm in the south of Namibia. Sheep farming is part of the Van Zyl family. Karakul, Dorpers and Boergoats were the main breeds that the last three generations of this family have been farming.

Farmers and animals in the summer rainfall area are looking forward to the first spring rains, which transform the dry winter grass into vivid green natural grassland. The onset of the new growing season often coincides with a period of increased nutritional needs (e.g. mating season, lactation or finishing animals for slaughter). In order to ensure a high pregnancy rate or a high slaughter mass with excellent grading, it is important to get the animals into an excellent condition as soon as possible. This is only possible if the animals receive the correct supplementation on green pasture. To ensure maximum animal performance, the correct choice of the available licks must be made. Read more….

SAGenetics is a company that I started because of my passion for sheep breeding and the continent of Africa. I believe that the South African sheepbreeds has a lot to offer the rest Africa as well as the rest of the world.

With my skill as a veterinarian, I would like to offer my help and services to all sheepfarmers in my own country of South Africa. I would also like to offer my services to sheepbreeders from other parts of the world to source good and sound genetics of sheepbreeds that play an important part of the South African agriculture.

These breeds include the Dorper, Meatmaster, SAMM, Merino, Ille de France, Afrino, Karakul, Van Rooi, Boergoat, Kalahari Red, Savannah, Persian, Damara, Dohne Merino, Merino Landskaap and Dormer.

I have completed the Junior Dorper Course as well as a Senior Dorper Course in South Africa. I attended a dorper course with Raymond Reid in Canada during 2006. Raymond is an inspector and judge in South Africa. During August 2006 I completed my second senior dorper course in Namibia.

I would like to thank all the farmers, breeders and friends around the world who so kindly agreed that I could use photos or video clips that was taken on their farms. A very sincere thanks to companies or individuals who gave me permission to use their articles. It is greatly appreciated and I know the information is very valuable to anyone who enjoys small stock breeding and farming.

Welcome to SAGenetics and thanks for taking the time to visit this website.

Dr. Erika de Jager BVSc.BSc.Agric (Honns) MRCVS