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Daan Bosman – Dorpers and Boergoats Consultancy


Daan Bosman started his “Dorper” Career in 1957. He bought his first Dorper Stock from Mr. Hennie de Smidt, who was one of the original people who established the Dorper Breed. Daan was a stud breeder who had a special interest in Genetics. Personal highlights was when he won SA Championships with his Dorpers and Boergoats.

Daan Bosman then took it further to share his knowledge of breeding and genetics with farmers. He summarise what he does in one sentence – “I MAKE MONEY FOR THE FARMER”. He is also a Dorper and Boergoat Judge who often judge overseas.

Daan currently works as a consultant for some of the top winning breeders in South Africa and Namibia. His services include the following:

He analyse a stud in terms of weak and strong points with specific attention to functionality of the animals. He then recommend genetics which will complement this specific stud in association with the farmer.

He organise auctions and give technichal information on such auctions if needed.
He will give information regarding background genetics to prospective buyers on aucions and help them with decision making.

He can help a farmer with marketing of specific animals or a particular stud.
Daan is currently working working together with the following breeders and many more:

Dries Wiese – Kasteel Wit Dorpers – South Africa
Phillip Strauss – Namibia
Bennie Grobbelaar – Woelewater Dorpers – South Africa
Tien Jordaan – South Africa
Jannie Visagie – South Africa
Micky Phillips – South Africa
LeRoy Phillips – South Africa

Daan is available for international consultancy work. He is also available for consultanting for overseas buyers who is interested in South African genetics. Daan would give advice, and recommend to a prospective client, phenotype, genotype and functionality of prospective animals.

SAGenetics is privileged to be associated with Daan Bosman and I would really like to thank him for the knowledge and help he has given me regarding Dorpers – Erika de Jager

Daan Bosman could be contacted in the following ways:

Mobile Number: +27(0)82 292 8406

Daan could also be contacted via SAGenetics