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Goedemoed Dorper Stud

Goedemoed Dorper Stud was started in 2006. The stud gets its name from the Van Zyl family farm in the south of Namibia. Sheep farming is part of the Van Zyl family. Karakul, Dorpers and Boergoats were the main breeds that the last three generations of this family have been farming.

The members of Goedemoed

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sagenetics-goedemoed-dorper-stud sagenetics-goedemoed-dorper-stud-erika-mariann

Stud is Mr. Willem van Zyl, his daughter Mrs. Mariann Viviers and a cousin Dr. Erika de Jager.

Goedemoed Stud strive to achieve the following:

To breed functional dorper sheep with good reproduction and production traits. Animals should be true to the Breed Standard.

Goedemoed Stud is working towards providing indexes with all animals and genetics for sale.

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