Meatmasters in the snow on the farm Glen Doone in the Eastern Cape

sagenetics-meatmasters-herd s sagenetics-meatmasters-herd

 The Meatmaster Breed

The Meatmaster is a composite Breed that was developed in South Africa. A Meatmaster is a non-fat tailed, hair sheep for meat production and was developed by crossing breeds and purifying.

Meatmasters MUST have a percentage Damara Blood. A Meatmaster Sheep can have any colour or combination, but pigment around the eyes and ears are essential.

Ewes must be feminine and rams must be masculine and tending to be polled. Polled rams are easier to manage in the sheep yards and less injuries and fly strike occur.

A Meatmaster is hairy with and an underlining blanket of fluffy wool. A Meatmaster sheep is never shorn but MUST have a natural shedding ability.

The tails are not cut and the longer tails prevents ticks and fly strike. No Tail cutting also produce less stress and no infection which leads to less work and lower costs.
Meatmasters has a very strong herd instinct which leads to easier management in lush bushveld and mountainous regions. It also gives more protection against predators.

The above pictures were taken on the farm Glen Doone in the Eastern Cape. It shows the herding instinct of the Meatmaster which makes management easier, especially in the mountains of this region.

The Meatmaster were specifically selected to achieve the following:

  • Lambing at 12 months
  • 1 – 2 Lambs per year
  • Easy lambing
  • Slaughter mass of 15 – 25 kg off the mother
  • Grading A2 – A3 at above weights
  • Minimal dosing, inoculation and dipping
  • An EASY CARE sheep breed